Cookie Club FAQ

Here is a brief list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in using the Cookie Club.

If you require more assistance you may contact the help desk.

  1. What if I manage more than one troop?
    If you have a second troop you would like to set up in the Cookie Club:
    1. Start at troop leader login and enter your email address and your Cookie Club password.
    2. Go to the troop SETUP page.
    3. On the SETUP page just below your email address, utilize the new Select Troop pull-down. This pull-down will be defaulted to any existing troop you have set up under your login email account. Select NEW from the pull-down and proceed with setting up your new troop as you did the first: choose the Council, record the number of girls selling cookies, the troop goal, and so forth.
    4. If you'd like to toggle back and forth between troops, use your Select Troop pull-down to switch to the other troop.
    5. If you'd like to set up a third troop, select NEW again.
  2. I am leading my daughter's troop again this year. Do I have to start over with the Cookie Club?
    No. At the volunteer login screen, you can follow the path for returning leaders: "my troop was set up last year." You have used the tool before and your troop already exists in the Cookie Club system, so your email and password combination from last year will work again.
  3. I'm a returning leader, what login can I use?
    If you're a returning leader, simply log in with the same email and password from the last cookie season. Now you can update any obsolete information: girls' ages, deleting girls who have left the troop, adding names of new girls in the troop.
  4. What if I forget my password?
    Use your ebudde credentials to login to Cookie Club. If you do not know your ebudde credentials, go to ebudde and request your forgotten password.
  5. What if one of my Girl Scouts forgets her password?
    Access the record of her ID and password through the Setup page. You may wish to print the girls' access information and keep it in a safe place. Go to the Setup page and click on Reports, then click Roster of Girls' Access Information for a printable list of all the girls' IDs and passwords. This page is formatted so you can cut out and distribute the access information to each girl. You can update your password and the password for each girl at any time.
  6. I am a new leader but I know last year's leader. Can I use her Cookie Club login so I don't have to start over?
    In this case you would be a "returning user." If last year's leader is willing to share her login details with you, you can pick up where she left off. You can edit ages and names rather than setting up everybody again from scratch. Plus, girls could use their same logins from the previous year. When you're ready, you can also "show/update" your own leader information to create a new Cookie Club password and email for yourself.
  7. What if one of my Girl Scouts entered too many sales into the Cookie Club?
    She can remove cookie sales easily if she makes a mistake. Simply direct her to go to her Track Page and enter a negative sales number. For example, if she accidently recorded 50 boxes too many, she would enter "-50" and press enter, and the system will subtract that many boxes. If she entered a wrong number when she recorded a sale for one of her contacts, direct her to call up that contact's order page and enter the correct numbers, then Save.
  8. What goals can girls set in the Cookie Club?
    1. Box goal
    2. Personal learning goal
    3. Service goal
  9. What is a Service Goal?
    A service goal compliments the Imagine If theme of 2008/2009 and supports the community aspect that Girl Scouting encourages. A service goal can be related to a local aid activity, a global awareness project, or a personal assistance goal. The best service goals include helping others in some way.
  10. What if a girl changes her mind about one of her goals?
    No problem, she can edit them at any time. To do so, she simply goes into the Set area of the Cookie Club and updates the goal, then saves changes.
  11. Can troop leaders see the girls' goals?
    Yes, they're recorded in the reports.
  12. Does this system talk to eBudde?
    Yes, the Cookie Club pushes data to eBudde for all councils that are eBudde-enabled. However, Cookie Club orders recorded by girls are only recorded in the Cookie Club; eBudde is the system of record for sales. But eBudde will provide insight into the number of girls using the Cookie Club and other helpful information, such as how Cookie Club users perform in comparison to girls who don't use the online tool.
  13. Do I have to be an eBudde council to use the Cookie Club?
    No, the Cookie Club is open to all councils.
  14. Where will Gift of Caring cookies be recorded?
    GOC (or Hometown Heroes) sales will be counted as a cookie type in the My Cookie Planner section of the Cookie Club.
  15. How do my girls record a Gift of Caring (or Hometown Heroes) sale?
    Girls can designate these donated boxes by Contact (any person in their contact list) in the My Cookie Planner section of the Cookie Club. These "donated boxes" appear as a cookie type, in the far right column of their Planner. This displays girls' progress and also counts the GOC/HTH sales towards their total box goal.
  16. If my girls have contacts from last year, how can they get them into the system?
    Have them follow these instructions: If you exported your contacts last year, you need to open that document and save it as a "CSV" file. Then, you can upload the list into your Cookie Planner to get started for this year. How to: Start with your exported spreadsheet from last year, open it up. When this file is open, select to "Save As." It doesn't matter what the file is called, just that you save it as a special kind of spreadsheet, a .csv, which means it will end in those three letters: myfile.csv or plan_summary.csv (it's the ending that counts). A dialog box will open when you request to "Save As." This box will likely have a pull-down menu so you can select to "Save as Type" that you select. In that menu, you want to find the one that ends in CSV. If you use Microsoft Windows, it will probably say something like "CSV (MS-DOS) (*.CSV)." Select that one! Then, choose to save it in a location you can remember and go right back to, like on your desktop. Now, go back to the Cookie Club and "browse" to find that file, then click the "Import Contacts" button. You are done! Go check out your cookie orders and you will see the names and types of cookies people bought last year.
  17. Where does the Council Reporting exist?
    Council reporting for the Cookie Club will be within the Cookie Club tool. Just as with the pilot year, the Cookie Club numbers are girl-reported numbers, which may not always be accurate. By keeping the reports in Cookie Club, we insure the eBudde sales numbers are not confused.
  18. What Cookie Club information can the councils see?
    Councils will have access to troop and council-level information in the club. We will create a new hierarchy of access that would no longer terminate at the troop leader level.
  19. Can Councils override Troop Leaders in the Cookie Club?
    No. Currently, troop leaders run reports about their own girls' participation. Troop leaders can also set up, delete, and edit permissions. Councils could view but not edit the data: council aggregate participation, troop summary data, and girl specific data. This council access will be read-only.