Thank you for encouraging and supporting your Girl Scout in the Girl Scout Cookie Activity. This year we have a great new feature, the Cookie Club. The Cookie Club lets your girl experience firsthand the power of goal setting.

What is the Cookie Club?

The Cookie Club is a Web site where girls can go online to:

  • Learn about goals.
  • Set goals
  • Track goals
  • Reach goals
  • Plan whom they'll ask to buy cookies and monitor their progress

What will my child do in the Cookie Club?

Your child will experience interactive learning modules where she will explore smart goal setting and learn some tips for reaching her goal. In addition, she will become "safety certified" in the cookie activity.

On the Track My Goal page, she will track her progress toward her goal with a colorful graph that resembles stacked cookie boxes. In other modules, she can enter new sales, review her personal learning goal and manage her contact list.

What About Safety?

The Cookie Club is a password-protected area only for Girl Scouts and the adults supervising them. The Web site is closed to all but authorized girls, troop leaders and councils. Troop leaders provide access information only to those girls from whom they have received signed permission forms. We always encourage Girl Scouts to go online with an adult.

Before entering the Cookie Club, girls must take a safety certification quiz, which evaluates their comprehension of both online and selling safety. A girl may enter the Cookie Club only if she succeeds in her certification.

How can my Girl Scout begin to use the Cookie Club?

Girls cannot join the Cookie Club until the leader sets up the troop account and the girls return their signed permission forms. When she has received a girl's signed permission form, the leader will give the girl an ID and password so she can use the online tools.

Why participate?

Setting high troop goals, building leadership skills, serving the community — these are some of the key learning goals of the Cookie Activity. By helping your Girl Scout learn to set and achieve goals, you are fostering a lifelong skill.



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